Wednesday, 30 December 2009

End of Year Sale

End of year sale - 10% off storewide until 1 January 2010. Hurry!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Colour Circle Paints

Sometimes we're asked why we only stock three colours of Stockmar paints.

They are sold as a set of three 20ml bottles and are ideal for transparent painting. They are produced from gum arabic and the finest light-resistant colour pigments, have a very high yield-value and remain completely water-soluble when dry. The colour tones have been chosen so that they can be mixed to yield all intermediate shades without losing their brilliance and intensity. Mixed with white, the watercolours can be used for non-transparent painting.

The selection of Stockmar watercolours is based on the natural graduation of the twelve-part colour-circle, in accordance with Goethe’s theory of colours. They include the primary colours red, blue and yellow and possess high spectral purity and transparency. With these three colour-circle colours, the complete colour-circle can be created. They can be used in all usual ways and are suitable for all known watercolouring techniques.

For activities using Stockmar products, see their website.

Here are some pdf Tip Sheets on using the Colour Circle Paints:
Introduction and Initial Techniques
Working Materials
Mixing Colours

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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Santa Claus

I was rapt to receive an email from Roshanne in NSW recently, to show how she created Santa from a 15cm wood and wire doll to go with her Anamalz Christmas Box set.

Roshanne crocheted his whole outfit in a beautiful glossy red yarn left over from her sister's blessingway with fluffy white wool for the trims. His hat has a strap that doubles as a beard!

No Papparazzi!

Please continue to send in photos of your creations from Spiral Garden products, and your loved ones enjoying their gifts from Spiral Garden (if you don't mind them being published, of course)!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Using the Craft Packs

I often hear of projects families have made together using the Seasonal Craft Packs Rainbow Made and Spiral Garden put together...

This week Savannah shared this photo and said, "Here is a tic-tac-toe game we made with the felt, velour and thread from the Summer and Christmas Seasonal craft packs."

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Last Call for Christmas Orders

Last Christmas orders still welcome until Friday 18th. We will post Express at no extra cost to you to ensure they arrive before 25th December. Lots of books arrived this week, as well as art & craft supplies and other New Products. And don't forget that Animals and Anamalz are all 10% off until the 24th December.

Thanks again for your support throughout the year. x

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Animals on Sale!

Special Offer - from now until December 24 - 10% off all Animals (Anamalz products, Baby Basics dogs and lambs, Itsy Bitsy dogs and cats and gorgeous hand crafted felt elephants).

Saturday, 5 December 2009

20 Days Till Christmas!

Just a reminder, especially for anyone overseas or far away (like Western Australia) - it's only 20 days until Christmas and because Spiral Garden is located in rural Far North Queensland, you need to order SOON (if you are wanting Solstice or Christmas gifts, that is)!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Featured Stockist - Rainbow Stitches

Karen Yates of Rainbow Stitches creates by hand these adorable and colourful felt food items from Italian wool felt, filled with wool fleece from "Wool on Piper". All stitching is done by hand with pure cotton thread. Each set comes packed in a in sweet pink or blue gingham checked cardboard gift box with matching gift card.

Karen works at home, alongside her young family. Each stitch is made with love and care. Spiral Garden currently stocks three Rainbow Stitches products, starting at only $27.00.

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