Monday, 23 June 2014

Celebrating the Winter Solstice

solstice bush
candle rolling

Winter Solstice blessings to you, Garden lovers! We had a rather beautiful Winter Solstice weekend. We did a little candle rolling, winter decorating, gift giving and a whole lot of celebrating and we're more than a bit grateful for the beautiful little shop full of things in our home.

You can read all about our weekend celebrations here. 

And you can find our winter range at Spiral Garden here.

Decorate your own toothbrush


Venturing out to buy the family toothbrushes at the supermarket can be a bit disheartening if you're after something without licenced characters or gender-specific colours. Racks full of pink, glittery princess toothbrushes and blue cars and transformers burst forth as you try to find a colour and character mix that fits your child's tastes... Sometimes sighing when it doesn't and when what's on offer for what should be a simple tool is... disappointing. 

Then there's all the plastic and fact that these tools should be regularly replaced. If you're a family of five, like ours, that's a whole lot of plastic thrown into landfill over a lifetime. 

We like to keep things simple by buying bamboo toothbrushes in bulk here. They're soft, lightweight fair-trade, sustainable and compostable. All things we love.

To combat the confusion of five plain wooden toothbrushes in the holder, we decorate them ourselves. Any paint will do, but our favourite, most simple way to decorate them is using our Giotto Materials Markers. They're permanent paint markers that work on absorbent materials like ceramic, stone and wood. Easy to hold, mess free and vibrant and make for a fun activity. What we love best is that we can choose our most favourite colours and patterns and every toothbrush is different. Like a little evolving art installation in our bathroom. 

You can find our Giotto Materials Markers here. 

*NB: we've not been paid to endorse the environmental toothbrush, we just thing they're a great product*