Monday, 14 July 2008

Mid-Winter Update

Half of Winter has passed by already... And for most of us it's time for school holidays. Our Art and Craft sections are fully stocked, so why not update your own supplies and spend some time creating this Winter?

It's also a perfect time of year for games. I was excited to source two more Gaia's Garden games from my supplier's studio, when she thought she had sold me the last two in May. So if you were wanting to buy this game and missed out - hurry in for this absolute last chance. From the same studio, I have bought a bulk lot of Living Landscapes, and can therefore offer them to you at a special rate as advertised below.

How does your garden grow? We planted some of Spiral Garden's broad bean and pea seeds and we're enjoying the harvest. We intend to expand the Grow section of Spiral Garden as we head into Spring, so keep an eye out for new products in these newsletters and on the News pages.

For those customers in the Northern Hemisphere, the relevant seasonal columns are on the Spiral Garden site, and we aim to maintain stock of season-appropriate books, playcloths, cards and seasonal dolls for you too!

At last we're able to offer the Collection of Seasonal Dolls as requested by several customers. Rainbow Made Toys have been busy and our supplies of their playcloths and dolls are complete. As these handmade items are of limited availability, don't hesitate in ordering while they're here!

This co-operative permaculture card game is an educational tool for sustainable living and gardening design. Living Landscapes is also fun to play and encourages discussion.

While current stocks last, this unique game has been reduced in price to only $12 - save 25%! Why not stock up on a few sets to put away for gifts?

For anyone who missed out on the last batch of Cradle Dolls, these amazing creations from Miriam Hoedt are back in stock. Again, a limited edition due to being handmade, so hurry! This batch are the last ones at this introductory price.

Reminder, before they all sell - there are three Cuddle Dolls left in stock. A blonde-haired boy, a brown-haired boy and a blonde-haired girl doll. These will be the last ones I stock, and are on sale at cost price of $49 to make way for new stock (the Spiral Garden office is a very small space!) This is fantastic value for a Steiner-style handmade doll.

Love, light & warmth...

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