Monday, 8 June 2009

Rainbow Made's Dolls

Have you discovered all of the beautiful dolls made by the very clever Melissa of Rainbow Made in Cairns, Australia? Melissa makes a lot of the Spiral Garden hand-crafted stock at home, whilst caring for her children, home and garden in beautiful far north Queensland. Craft is her passion and each item she creates for us is made with love and attention to detail. We currently stock play cloths, gnomes, doll slings and craft packs from Rainbow Made, as well as these amazing dolls.

Steiner dolls encourage imaginative play with their simple features and soft bodies, without expectations of personality or fashion like most mass-marketed dolls. This allows children the freedom to befriend their doll and enjoy them for many years.

The knot doll is our most popular doll and baby toy sold at Spiral Garden. Made from 100% cotton with 100% wool fleece stuffing - they're natural, soft and simple. At only $13.00 they're a bargain too! Available in blue, green, yellow, orange and pink.

Our Seasonal Doll Collection are available individually or as a set. These are great for display purposes, but strong enough to be handled by little ones and used in storytelling and general play. We have loved ours for a couple of years now and they're just great!

The Breastfeeding Mother and Baby dolls are our most unique dolls. Cleverly made with an opening shirt, breasts and baby in sling so little ones can role play breastfeeding with their dolls!

To complement the mother and baby we've just released a very handsome Father Doll with his baby in a sling. Both the Breastfeeding Mother and Slinging Father are either of limited stock or custom made with a slight delay - so if you're thinking of gifting one soon, please order early!

Other custom dolls Spiral Garden offers on behalf of Rainbow Made can be seen here.

Lastly, some new Rainbow Made Multicultural Dolls have arrived recently. In stock are the serene Japanese doll and beautiful African doll. Unique and high quality handmade dolls at a very reasonable price of $67.50 - very limited stock!

Rainbow Made ~ Toys to Inspire

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