Sunday, 20 September 2009


I especially love to stock handmade items. Some of the items are made by me, some by other small at-home businesswomen and other items are made as a hobby by crafty folk I know...

Do you make things? Would you like to sell them through Spiral Garden? Items I'm looking to stock include:

washers and wipes
jewelery - glass, wood, metal, hemp, etc
bags - library, tote, shopping, fold-up, produce, toiletry, drawstring
capes for dressing up
hats, crowns and garlands for dressing up
baby shoes/booties and bibs
craft kits
hand-dyed yarn
hats for summer
hats and scarves for winter
bandanas and headbands
stuffed toys
wooden toys
musical instruments
lotions and potions
packets of viable seeds
baby toys
card games
fabric tic-tac-toe etc

I'm also open to suggestions!

I need items to be well-made and safe. They need to be produced from natural materials - hemp, cotton, bamboo, timber, wool, silk, etc. We avoid varnishes, paints, toxic dyes, plastic, polyester, etc.

Initially, 2 to 6 or more of each item are required. From then I will re-order once the items are selling. There is no deadline or minimum time to send the orders to me - I'm happy to work around your schedule. I would prefer to stock items which I can re-order once sold, though, than constantly changing the products.

Wholesale rate is negotiated between us and I pay postage to me. I require some form of invoice for tax purposes. For hobbyists, one of those simple invoice books from the newsagents, or something printed from your computer is fine.

If you have creations you'd like to sell through Spiral Garden, please don't hesitate to email me.

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