Saturday, 23 January 2010

Back to School?

It's almost back to school time for many. Our calico bags are popular as ready-to-decorate library bags. We offer some top quality school supplies in our Create category, at competitive prices. For example:

Lyra Ferby Pencils:
Graphite Pencils only $2.60 each
6 Waldorf Colours $16.00
6 Standard Colours $16.00
12 Standard Colours $32.00

Crayola Trio Sharpener only $7.50
Lyra Erasers $1.20 each
Lyra Sharpeners $3.20 each (suit Ferby pencils)
Large Main Lesson Books for $4.00 each or
Medium Main Lesson Books with onion skin for $3.90 each
Wooden Rulers only $2.00
Stockmar Block and Stick Crayons just $16.00 per tin...

As well as three types of paint, numerous paintbrushes, chalk, modeling materials, aprons, chalk and blackboard erasers, more crayons and pencils, wooden pencil boxes and felt pencil cases and more!
We love to use these quality art supplies that last year after year for our six children. They very rarely need replacing (apart from main lesson books and graphite pencils which are used a lot).

Spiral Garden has a lovely selection of Books, many suitable for Steiner educators and parents, as well as titles specifically for homeschoolers. We recommend: A Steiner Homeschool, Choir of Colours (Art - class 1 to 7) and other Golden Beetle Books. Otherways magazine and the book Life Learning are ideal for inspiration. And of course Seven Times the Sun - for all families, any time.

We always have lots of new products arriving and we look forward to offering you many delights this year, as our Spiral Garden grows.

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