Saturday, 13 February 2010

Steiner Homeschooling

We recommend the quality Australian books from the Golden Beetle Books Spiritual Syllabus series sold through Spiral Garden. To get started there is the comprehensive title A Steiner Homeschool by Alan Whitehead. Alan has decades of experience in Steiner education.

Some more useful contacts for Steiner homeschooling curriculums include:

Oak Meadow

Christopherus Homeschool

For the correspondence course run through Candlenut Steiner School near Cairns in Far North Queensland, email Nila Chambers or email the school.

An Australian email support group for Waldorf (Steiner) homeschoolers can be found here.

Steiner Schools in Australia site - lots of useful contacts and resources.

Waldorf Homeschoolers - information, advice, resources.

Waldorf Without Walls - curriculum, support, advice, resources.


  1. My kids are 3 and a half and 5 and a half. We are here from Colorado in America through 18 July, living in Cremorne. I am looking for a group that gathers weekly or even monthly, a place for the kids, and me, to connect with other Steiner families during our time here. In America the kids are in a Steiner school, and were at Glenaeon here in Sydney for a while, but it did not work out.

  2. Candlenut Steiner School no longer offers the home schooling curriculum. Can you please remove this information from your website? Thanks, Donna at Candlenut Steiner School.