Monday, 21 March 2011

Rainbow Made

We are so blessed to supply so many products from Rainbow Made ~ toys to inspire!

Lis from Rainbow Made creates our seasonal dolls, felt items, nut dolls, breastfeeding mamas, slinging papas, custom dolls, elements fairies, various craft kits, fleece packs, gnomes, silk playcloths, cotton playcloths, muslin playcloths and the gorgeous 'soft' componenets of our very popular craft packs.

If you go to Lis' Rainbow Made blog, you will see instructions and tutorials for all types of crafts.

If you're keen to puchase any of the seasonal items or kits, almost everything is back in stock right now! But hurry, Lis' creations sell out fast, and because everything is hand-dyed and handmade, it can take awhile for new stock to arrive.

Simply go to the Spiral Garden web store, and type the name of the item into the Search box on the left. If you need assistance finding anything, never hesitate to contact Bel.

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