Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Homeschooling Resources

Most of you probably know that our children are educated at home. We have always home educated and have six children aged 7 to almost-17. Over the past months, we have been expanding our range of homeschooling resources. Some of the items we stock include:

Always Learning Books
- a selection of booklets and books from an Australian publisher, including diaries for record keeping

Golden Beetle Books
- a selection of books on Steiner/Waldorf education

HEA Resource Directory 2011

Otherways - subscriptions to Australia's best printed homeschooling magazine

More books relevant to families like ours...

Blank books - these are a beautiful and brilliant resource

Art supplies - including Stockmar, Lyra etc - especially for toddlers and children

Craft supplies
- kits, raw materials, uncommon products - and all natural

Gardening products
- because we think every family should grow plants!

Don't forget, if you type the code 'homesschool' into the discount coupon section of Checkout, you will automatically receive 10% off any order over $40.00.

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