Sunday, 4 September 2011

Welcome Spring!

We love Spring! It's so exciting to see the blossoms on our fruit trees, hear the bees buzzing in the macadamia grove and admire the sudden and intense growth in our garden. It feels good to wash our winter blankets and put them away in storage, pack up our coats, scarves and beanies and hunt down our summer dresses, sandals and swimming items... And finally I think I've had my fill of soup, and I'm keen to prepare some warm-weather food!

We have changed our season table - the white and blue tones of winter packed away and out with pink and green, coloured glass, felt eggs, butterflies and flowers...

Our carefully chosen seeds have been planted into the seed-raising boxes, with their little pop stick ID tags in place and every day we check the progress as unfurling leaves emerge - promising a bounty of summer vegetables.

What is your favourite season?

Spring Products

Snowdrop & Ulba Bulba
Grow It Eat It
Rainbow Magic - Edie the Garden Fairy
In The Garden
The Secret Garden

Other Items:
Spring Doll
Playcloths - silk, cotton, muslin
Springtime Felt
Blossom Baby
Blossom Baby Kit
Spring Craft Pack
Spring Fleece
Spring Card

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  1. I definitely love spring as it makes me feel keen to get into the garden and gardening is so rewarding!