Friday, 10 August 2012

Global Footprint

When we choose new products for Spiral Garden, we are concerned about the global footprint left behind in the manufacturing and shipping process. We've applied our understanding on this to develop our own simplified global footprint rating system so that we can fairly easily see the impacts of each product comparitively. We've taken into account how fair, how local, how direct and how renewable each product is by the time it reaches us and we've given each product a point rating so you can see how it fares. This gives us a bit of transparency and impetus to find the most ethical, environmentally sound products for you. 

The manifesto above is how we approach our work at Spiral Garden, and life in general. We hope you love it and enjoy spending time in our garden, knowing we are tending it with the intention of treading lightly on the earth and helping you to do the same. xx

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  1. Just found you via Owlet.... love this manifesto. Can you tell me which program you used to make it? I want to make one for my daughter for her birthday and have no idea! Thanks so much!