Thursday, 6 September 2012



We've been working hard on our range of art supplies. Our aim is to bring our customers the same fantastic quality products they expect from us, but at more affordable prices. Many of our customers home educate, or have children attending independent schools and neither option is cheap - we know! So we want to pass on the savings to our customers, if we can... So little changes have started filtering in, beginning with our beautiful blackboard chalk

Traditionally, we've bought and sold this chalk under the Lyra label, but we've managed to track down the manufacturer in Germany to bring it here directly, under another label. For us, this means fewer hands transporting our product, which is great for our Global Footprint. For you, it means big savings. Still the same high-quality product, in the same colours and packaging we're used to, but at a fraction of the price. Great news all round!

Here's some inspiration for using our blackboard chalk:
The Parenting Passageway
Waldorf Chalk Speed Draw

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