Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Play Food


One of the most loved corners of our home has always been the little play kitchen. We have some beautiful old wooden vegetables, a wooden tea set and some home made bits and pieces but lately we felt that it could do with a freshen up…

So when we finally received our much-wished-for Papoose felt toys order, we were thrilled to hand our children two of our most favourite sets, the pizza set and the bento set... Actually, the children rather begged, they were so taken with their beauty. What happened next amazed us…


All three children (even the almost 11 year old) played for three days straight. They were cooks, restaurant owners, busy parents… They had picnics, played shops… They covered mathematical concepts like fractions, addition, subtraction and currency and they wrote menus, bills, even restaurant reviews! It was amazing! Concentration like I've not seen in them for a long while, as their days were completely devoted to the game.


The gorgeous, sturdy food, happily has stood up to the test. Its robust fabric, expertly stitched by hand, and made from pure wool. The Papoose range is handmade in Nepal, under a fair trade scheme. It's wonderful to know that families helping to create toys, that our children play with, are provided for. All the wool is sourced in Australia and NZ, so the sheep are happy too - and so soft! These toys are so soft and beautiful to hold and amazing to play with.

Next on the list of our children's requests is the felt vegetables and fruit, for a balanced diet, of course. There's also a fair amount of eye-ing off of the felt playmats and indoor games… But we're saving them for a rainy day.

Find our Papoose range here.

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  1. Seriously, I want pepperoni EVERY time I see that pizza set!