Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Here's a sneak preview of Autumn at Spiral Garden!!

New Stock of the Kangaroo from Anamalz has arrived! The Aussie Animal range is really popular so they're expanding to new products within the next couple of months!

Autumn cards from Sarah Laidlaw make a fabulous birthday or general greeting card
at this time of year. They're also a lovely addition to your seasonal or nature table,
noticeboard or other display. 21 x 25cm.

Autumn dolls from Rainbow Made Toys have arrived!!

Lono and Boato Coco from Susan Whitehead abounds with stories, songs, poetry and artwork for this season. This is one of a series of four seasonal resource books for young children.

Autumn toned silk playcloths have arrived. These are also from Rainbow Made Toys and are perfect as gifts for babies, for the dress-up box, story time, the nature table, decorating a room and many other uses. Now available to suit the four seasons, these top quality hemmed silk cloths are individually hand-dyed in north Queensland.

The Autumn article has also been uploaded to the Spiral Garden site.

We hope you come to take a stroll through the Garden soon!

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