Friday, 14 March 2008

Birthday Gift Ideas

Children are often invited to more birthday parties as they get older. Buying nice gifts can be expensive - it's hard to find quality items for a low price! I've collected some ideas here which you might like to consider stocking up on so that you're ready when that next party invitation arrives. Click on the photos to go to the correct page in the Spiral Garden store.

Worry dolls! Nicely wrapped, this little gift is one that can make a real difference in a child's life.
Only $5.50 for this fair trade item from Guatemala.

Dominoes - a timeless gift idea! Only $6.00 for this set in a wooden box. Great to take traveling, learn maths facts or spend some time on a rainy afternoon.

Lyra Modelling Clay is a new product to Spiral Garden. It is $6.00 and obviously of higher quality to your average modelling material. We like the fact that it has a faint, pleasant aroma and the colours are easily separated after use.

Spinning Tops! Old-fashioned toy for new-generation fun. These come in four types - Soccer Boy (pictured), Lifesaver Boy, Ballet Girl and Swimming Girl. At only $6.95 and made from quality timber, they're a bargain too!

These high quality skipping ropes from Mercurius are made in the Netherlands. They are a small size for primary-school age children. Available in green, red, pink, yellow - with wooden handles and only $7.50. A budget version is also available @ $3.50 each.

There are two varieties of Debresk cars which are only $8.00 each at Spiral Garden. These are long-lasting, beautifully made toys which are the perfect size for small hands.

These wooden claves are only $9.00 per pair. Another musical instrument which costs $9.00 is the Angel Triangle. And for $10.00 you can buy the fabulous Rainbow Maracas!

And last but not least are the fantastic and ever-popular Anamalz range! At $9.95 each the pig, sheep, cow, bull, horse, kangaroo and crocodile are favourites in our house and with our customers. Ask about the free fabric storage back and cards with your order! (Limited stock)
New release Anamalz coming to Spiral Garden in April.

Add a handmade card, some creative giftwrap and a happy birthday smile, and your little friends are sure to be happy with their birthday treasures - without you having to rely on cheap discount stores for affordable gifts!


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