Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Autumn Craft

There has been great interest in our Autumn Products and a customer wrote today to ask about ideas for crafts to use the Autumn Craft Pack. We're working on some fact sheets to go with the craft packs for those customers who need some help choosing what to make. I do really like the idea of keeping it open-ended and more organic though, and the results customers have shared amaze me!

We stock some books with craft ideas, as well as the wonderful Living Crafts magazine subscriptions (back issues coming in 2010).

There are also endless ideas shared by generous like-minded folk online. Here are a few (try searching for waldorf, steiner, craft, autumn, fall and see what you can discover too!)

Mama Roots' Tomten Pattern (in preparation for the coming winter)

Walnut Cradle at Make-Stuff
(another one for the nature table)

Craft Ideas' Autumn Leaves
(for the window, a mobile, a wreath, or...?)

Gnome Tutorial at Wee Folk Art (there's also a cute sleeping bag pattern here - adapt to any season)

Items you can make from our craft pack include, but are not limited to -
* cards, wall hangings, mobiles or single decorations (a leaf on a piece of yarn, for example)
* bags, purses, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, crowns
* fairies, gnomes, dolls, animals and other little figures for play or the nature table
* beds, pillows, blankets, rugs, clothes - capes and hats, flowers, leaves, tress and other accessories for above characters
* finger puppets and dolly peg puppets
* photo frames, pin cushions, pouches, garlands, yarn dolls, felt food...

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  1. These are such wonderful ideas Bel, thank you so much.

    Happy Autumn to you and your family. x