Thursday, 11 March 2010

Seven Times the Sun

"When you honor the ordinary moments of life, you bring balance and joy to your family."

Seven Times the Sun is a 221 page softcover book. It is a unique and wonderfully creative guide to help parents and children turn simple moments into loving, consistent rituals forging a strong family bond.

Simple rituals to bring balance to your child's day
Whimsical verses to add a bit of magic to the ordinary
Easy songs to celebrate daily life
Helpful resource lists of books and music
Inspired parenting tips to help your child feel secure
Contemporary re-tellings of Grimms' tales

"There is a rhythm pumping through every vein of the universe. Call it Divine Spirit, call it God, call it the creative power of nature. The rhythm is taken up by the sun, the grass, the children at play. Eternal heartbeat."

This was the first book of its type to come into our family's home several years ago. I felt so blessed to have a resource for verses, stories, poems, songs and activities to assist with building a sense of rhythm and reason in our children's lives. From our family to yours, this is a highly recommended title.

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