Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Steiner Education Options

Steiner or Waldorf Education:

* Is based on a profound understanding of human development
* Provides a detailed, richly artistic curriculum that responds to and enhances the child's developmental phases, from early childhood through high school
* Cultivates social and emotional intelligence
* Connects children to nature
* Ignites passion for lifelong learning
* Is the fastest growing educational movement in the world

from Why Waldorf Works

I get a lot of emails from parents around Australia who would love to send their children to a Steiner school, but find that they are too expensive, too far away, the local one doesn't suit their needs or there is some other hurdle. There is a list of Steiner Schools in Australia here.

I have posted before about Steiner Homeschooling.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if more Australian public (state) schools had options like this one (go to Steiner Education under 'About')?

I received a call last week from a local Steiner school looking to expand into high school and boarding school in the near future.

All the possibilities...

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  1. Hi Bel,
    Thanks for helping get the word out about Steiner Eductaion!

    Our Steiner School, Shearwater, in Mullumbimby has over 650 kids, and runs from Kinder to Y12 - and it's currently desperately trying to avoid closure - if you can help in any way - visit


    Gordon :)