Friday, 22 October 2010

Moontime Planning Diary 2011

I've really enjoyed using this comprehensive and user-friendly moon diary during 2010. It's A5 size, 162 pages. The pages are 7 days to an opening, with plenty of space for notes.

Live a healthy lifestyle
Grow abundant gardens
Housekeeping, renovating and building

It is all about timing your activities. Surely you have found that sometimes routine jobs turn out better than at other times? Or maybe you have noticed that the lawn at certain times grows back faster than at other times? We know that fishermen always go out with the tide instead of struggling against it.

Yes, there is method in the madness, which is where the moon comes in. All growing things are influenced by the ever changing moon.

Our aim is to inspire you to create a healthy lifestyle in tune with the moon and other natural cycles. Everyday practical suggestions tell you how you can tune in to the moon’s cycles and the year’s seasons. These suggestions help you to make a difference that doesn’t cost the earth.

The Moontime Planning Diary 2011 combines the solar calendar with the moon phases and positions. Daily pointers make it easy for you to access and experience the influence the moon has on your health, garden and home care.

The Moontime Diary 2011 features all the diary essentials plus
• Introduction on how to fine tune to the moon
• Helpful tables
• World map to convert time
• Daily moon and planetary aspects
• Aspect interpretations
• Moon void of course
• Monthly ephemeris
• Printed on 100% recycled paper

Created in Mullumbimby, Australia by Iris and Gisela.

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