Saturday, 29 December 2007

Magazine Subscriptions

Spiral Garden offers a variety of quality magazines for sale and subscription...

'Indigo' is a quality Aussie publication for teen and pre-teen girls. I have three daughters in that age-group and personally recommend 'Indigo' because it differs dramatically from the commonly available magazines directed at them. Copies of the brand new Issue 2 are in stock now!

We are proud to offer subscriptions to three Life Media publications. These magazines are printed in Canada but have an international flavour and are valid and interesting for all readers worldwide. 'Life Learning' is aimed at home educating families, particularly those with an unschooling focus. 'Natural Child' is a brand new parenting magazine with a focus on a gentle and conscious family lifestyle. 'Natural Life' has been distributed for over 30 years, which is a statement about the quality of magazines produced by these publishers. All great value at $50.00 per subscription, for six issues a year delivered directly to you (or a gift recipient) from Canada.

Spiral Garden has been selling the quality Australian parenting magazine 'Kindred' for the past couple of years. The content of this popular magazine continues to vary, inspire and inform. It's great value with subscriptions starting at $33.00 a year for four issues, and it's cheaper per issue with longer subscriptions.

Start the year off with something great to read from our choice of quality books at Spiral Garden including titles by Chrissy Butler, Liliane Grace and Golden Beetle Books.

More books and magazines will come into stock throughout 2008. Your suggestions of titles to stock are always welcomed, please use the Contact link on the main page of the Spiral Garden website.

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