Saturday, 1 December 2007

Summer in the Spiral Garden

Summer is definitely upon us and the festive season is fast approaching.

Introduce the children in your life to the joy of gardening - grow your own rainbow of edible delights with these open pollinated, heritage seeds.

I am also pleased to announce the return of the Seasonal Columns.

The Music Box at Spiral Garden has been restocked with a variety of inexpensive percussion instruments.

In 2008 we will restock with the beautiful Redwood Chimes, a pentatonic instrument . As well as the top quality pentatonic flutes and recorders - all perfect for the budding musician in your life.

For Summer fun and colour our Colour Circle watercolour paints from Stockmar can be mixed into any shade you desire, are easy to use and best of all, a small bottle lasts a long, long time.

We've increased our range of Stockmar crayons - reknowned for their quality and ease of use. In stock are the blocks, sticks (with or without black) and the Combi set of sticks and blocks.

The wooden pencil boxes are ideal for storing either your Lyra pencils or Stockmar crayons.

Kits are selling fast with Christmas approaching, but new stock is expected in the coming weeks. New Spiral Garden Candle Kits are a simple craft activity, with a useable result. And they smell really good!

The new Raw Materials section of the site is growing and set to expand as new stock arrives. We aim to encourage customers to create with natural materials and will provide projects for you to try.

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